How To Enable The Google Chrome Feature

How To Enable The Google Chrome FeatureGoogle Chrome tries to improve user security . Because of this, the popular browser has been introducing new features in this regard for some time. Now we have a new feature that will surely please many. This is a feature that notifies users when their passwords are leaked on the network. So we will pay attention to this information.

It’s a great way to easily tell if a key has been leaked . Google Chrome will inform us and in this way we can take action, e.g. B. changing this password. This can help us prevent anyone from accessing our online accounts.
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This feature was already introduced in Google Chrome , although we need to enable it first. To do this, we use the browser’s hidden menu, where we have the experimental functions. So we need to type chrome: // flags / in the address bar to bring up this menu.

Next we will use the search engine in this menu and we will introduce the term Password Leak Detection into it . We will now come to this function in the menu. What we then need to do is proceed to enable it and choose the Enabled option from that menu.

When we have this option enabled, we will be prompted to restart Google Chrome . After restarting the browser, we can already have this function available. If our password stored in the browser is leaked, we will therefore be informed of this leak at any time so that we can take action.
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It’s a very simple feature to enable, but it can certainly be of great importance and will help us make better use of the popular browser . Therefore it is worth activating. This way we can use Google Chrome more safely on our computer.
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